February 3, 2012


Designed by ISKOS-BERLIN for ZERO 2012

TUTU is the name for a dancing skirt composed of several layers of fabric.

There is a clear image from childhood fixed in my memory – my mother putting me to bed and covering the lamp with a piece of clothing
to dim the lights. Perhaps it was her skirt, or a shawl. And if one layer was not enough, she threw another on top.
Later the mother of my own children did the same…
A basic, straight forward and relaxed way to create a lampshade – just a couple of layers of fabric thrown over the light!

nivo slider image nivo slider image

Our TUTU lamp shade is made solely out of polyester felt, mainly produced using fibre derived from recycled plastic bottles.
Two preheated mats of polyester felt are pressed in a mould that partly controls them and partly lets them “decide” their own shape – the material simply folds in its own unique way.
As it cools, the felt stiffens and retains the shape.
No subsequent trimming, no waste, no surface treatment required – it is ready to be removed from the mould.