April 8, 2014

The Birth of Marilyn

Designed by ISKOS-BERLIN for MINDCRAFT 2014

They float in the room, light and flaunting, like a skirt lifted by the wind…
First, a little sculptural sketch, an idea that grows and takes on its own natural shape until it finds its final form – “correct” and well-controlled.

nivo slider image

“The Birth of Marilyn” is a story of creation/genesis – from a timid beginning through the imperfections of experiments and attempts to the final work: a big, floating lampshade.
The development process and production method are the actual artwork, as the different phases of experimentation with the mould become a series of unique products. The lamps are produced by using thermoforming/moulding in the match tool.

We are inspired by experimenting with materials and production technologies, the sensuality of the material and its natural shapes and the associations that are sparked as they work with and study the materials – as wavy as the seashell from which Venus was born or as pleated as Marilyn’s skirt, lifted by the air…

We strive to develop products using rationalized production processes to achieve the rejection-free, undemanding industrial production of unique products with a minimal waste of materials and other resources.

The MINDCRAFT exhibitions are supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and organized by the Danish Agency for Culture.