BABA is an organic soft-formed “furniture pet” that invites you to cuddle up to it, sit on it or sink into its warm embrace.


One of the most difficult and noble disciplines is to design without eccentricity. To create simple, well-functioning, almost ordinary objects that nevertheless have strong identities. We designed Fiber chair to do just that with a clear sculptural language that refuses to compromise on comfort.


Light and flaunting as a skirt in the spinning dance…

The Birth of Marilyn

They float in the room, light and flaunting, like a skirt lifted by the wind…
First, a little sculptural sketch, an idea that grows and takes on its own natural shape until it finds its final form – “correct” and well-controlled.


Our goal was to create an enticing “edible” sofa.

Vase Shelf

The processed archetypal vases are storage symbols in their own right – cleansed images of types from different periods. Here, the vases have become part of the construction of the shelving unit. However, some of them can be taken out of the case and used for storage independently.


JUST is a stackable shell chair with a quiet but distinctive personality built around a visually simplified structure.

ZEUS (sitting)


Each sculpted divinity, each hero and prince at Thorvaldsens Museum, made first in clay and then in plaster, has in its core a steel framework, an armature – the sculpture’s core construction…


One of the biggest challenges for designer is to create quiet objects, that don’t pop up in their egocentricity, don’t compete with surroundings, with architecture, don’t fight for attention, but still carry a strong identity, being easy to recognise, easy to remember.



TUTU is the name for a dancing skirt composed of several layers of fabric.