February 6, 2017


Designed by ISKOS-BERLIN for MADE BY HAND 2017

The name Knit-Wit means a person with a flair, knack or love of the knitting/crocheting craft; handy with yarn and needles; a knitting/crocheting enthusiast.
It reflects the importance of material and technology choice for our design –
the advanced CNC controlled 3D knitting as a modern development of traditional knitting.

We challenged the barriers of technology and came up with a solution that refers to the iconic light sphere, but at the same time presents something completely new.

Knit-Wit has very basic geometrical shape carried by material almost as warm and cozy as your grandmothers knitting.
Still it’s light and transparent and the lampshade both hides and reveals the source of light, which is centered at its core.

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Knitting – though it is known for centuries – is a very progressive technology that permits to create complicated 3D shapes without any cut-offs and sewing. There is no waste of yarn at all. Knitting technique permits to achieve the desirable transparency, colour, patterns etc., and enormous flexibility in changing them.

Knit-Wit comes in a range of sizes and colours, so it can fit both a private home and a public space. It can be used alone or in clusters, either low over a table or hanging high and freely in the room.