The Danish Chair

The Danish Chair is a wunderkammer of chairs.


The main element of the 5-Waves chair design is its innovative injection-moulded shell with dynamic seating comfort – supporting the body without restricting its movement.

Hiding Proserpina

Triptych folding screen


Godot is a comfortable and generous sofa series consisting of 2- and 3-person sofas and an easy chair.

fiber side chair

Fiber side chair is a new member of the Fiber family.

soft edge

Our Soft Edge chair series is based on the latest developments in moulded plywood technique, applying a method that generates significantly more double curvature from standard veneers.

Petit Pedestal

Based on Øregaard’s classicist architecture and the discreet upper-class charm of the bourgeoisie, Petite Pedestal is an elevated being with its own distinctive spirit in a free interpretation of the French Empire style.


Can you remember how fascinating flying objects used to be when you were a child?
Who didn’t want a model airplane hanging in their bedroom? I did.
In fact, I wanted more than one…


BABA is an organic soft-formed “furniture pet” that invites you to cuddle up to it, sit on it or sink into its warm embrace.


One of the most difficult and noble disciplines is to design without eccentricity. To create simple, well-functioning, almost ordinary objects that nevertheless have strong identities. We designed Fiber chair to do just that with a clear sculptural language that refuses to compromise on comfort.