baba & bababa

BaBa is an organic soft-formed “furniture pet” that invites you to cuddle up to it, sit on it or sink into its warm embrace.


Presence and Absence walk together – Side by Side – as inseparable as day and night…

high grid

High Grid is the throne…

just family

JUST family is growing – JUST WOOD & JUST BAR have joined JUST CHAIR.


The name Knit-Wit means a person with a flair, knack or love of the knitting/crocheting craft; handy with yarn and needles; a knitting/crocheting enthusiast.

It reflects the importance of material and technology choice for our design –
the advanced CNC controlled 3D knitting as a modern development of traditional knitting.

The Danish Chair

The Danish Chair is a wunderkammer of chairs.


The main element of the 5-Waves chair design is its innovative injection-moulded shell with dynamic seating comfort – supporting the body without restricting its movement.

Hiding Proserpina

Triptych folding screen


To praise a drink we love by giving it back what we can – our design.


Godot is a comfortable and generous sofa series consisting of 2- and 3-person sofas and an easy chair.